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The cyclist, later identified as Michael Mammone, 58, was hit from behind by a white Lexus on the Pacific Coast Highway in the Dana Point area on Wednesday. After the crash, the Lexus driver exited his car and assaulted Mammone with a knife. Witnesses said the suspect struck the cyclist and stabbed him at least once in the back. The Orange County Fire Authority responded to a call of a cyclist being hit by a car near Crown Valley Parkway and East Pacific Coast Highway at around 3 p.m. The suspect, later identified by authorities as Vanroy Evan Smith, 39, of Long Beach, was detained by bystanders and then taken into custody where he was booked on suspicion of murder. Pictured: Cyclist Michael Mammone and the scene of the accident

Midwife mother who 'strangled her three children to death' was 'overmedicated' on

The Massachusetts?mother who is accused of strangling her three young children was allegedly 'overmedicated' on a variety of prescription drugs, causing her to have disturbing thoughts. Midwife Lindsay Clancy, 32, who was on leave from her job at Massachusetts General Hospital, was injured when she jumped out of the window of her Duxbury home. The mother of three killed her children, Callan, eight months, Cora, 5, and Dawson, 3, after her husband Patrick left the family home in Massachusetts to get take-out.

US agriculture officials on Friday proposed new nutrition standards for school meals, including the first limits on added sugars, as they try to combat America's budding obesity crisis.

How and when Netflix's password sharing crackdown will work remained largely unclear, until the tech giant briefly posted key details on its website this week.

President Joe Biden secured a $250,000 line of credit on his beach house in December, a possible indication he is building up his legal war chest amid a DOJ probe.

The new Mach 9 nuclear-capable Zircon missiles, which travel at speeds of nearly 7,000mph, will be fired from the Russian warship Admiral Gorshkov during naval exercises off the coast of South Africa.

The circumference of a women's ball is about an inch smaller than a men's ball and it is typically 2 ounces lighter. While it may not seem like a lot, that's a big difference.

The 35-year-old musician said that while visiting an animal sanctuary outside of Los Angeles with his mother, a camel weighing 2,000 lbs. 'pounced on him' and 'got his whole head in its mouth'.

Bill Gates has slammed Elon Musk's ambitions to get to Mars and suggested he would be better off using his money to save lives by investing in measles vaccines.?

President celebrates America unexpectedly adding 517,000 jobs in January and unemployment sliding to historic low - as he blames Trump for inflation: 'That was already here when I got here, man!'

'Remember what the economy was like when I got here? Jobs were hemorrhaging. Inflation was rising. We weren't manufacturing the damn thing here. We were in real economic difficulty.' Inflation in January 2021 when Biden took office was 1.4 percent. The latest December figures were 6.5 percent, down from a June 2022 peak of 9 percent. America?s employers added a robust 517,000 jobs in January, a surprisingly strong gain in the face of the Federal Reserve?s aggressive drive to slow growth and tame inflation with higher interest rates. The unemployment rate dipped to 3.4 percent, a new half-century low. Friday?s government report added to the picture of a resilient labor market, with low unemployment, relatively few layoffs and many job openings even as most economists foresee a recession nearing.?

Inflation has hit the United States hard in the past year, with Miami being rocked the hardest as consumers continue to get priced out and the Federal Reserve desperately struggles to corral inflation.

Researchers at the University of Texas found that cancer screenings decreased when Covid infection rates were higher, but rose when they started to fall.

Suspected killer of school teacher Eliza Fletcher pleads NOT guilty to her murder

A convicted felon accused of raping and murdering schoolteacher Eliza Fletcher has pleaded not guilty to all charges related to her killing. Cleotha Abston-Henderson was arraigned at Shelby County Criminal Court today on multiple charges - including the rape and abduction of another woman in 2021. He pleaded not-guilty to the first-degree murder of the billionaire heiress, and all the other charges that he is facing.

CALLAHAN: Nearly two years later, Hunter has owned it: The laptop is his. And so Hunter now owns everything that has come out and will come out. Will the mainstream media finally follow suit?

Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses AOC of acting like a 'teenage girl' and demands a public debate after Squad member accused her of 'trafficking in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories'?

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene accused Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of acting like a 'teenage girl' after the New York Democrat accused the Georgia Republican of 'trafficking in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.' 'I have repeatedly asked you to debate me, but you have been a coward and can't even respond. But you go on CNN and?lie about me,' Greene tweeted Thursday night. 'When are you going to be an adult and actually debate me on policy instead of run your mouth like a teenage girl?'

EXCL: MailOnline delves into the controversial world of womb transplants for transwomen, a procedure that could pave the way for the first ever biological male becoming pregnant and give birth.

Gates, 67, was speaking in a wide ranging interview in which he also addressed becoming the target of Covid-19 conspiracy theories and played down his relationship with Jeffery Epstein.

Scientists at UCL and Cambridge believe ordinary ice could undergo similar shear forces in the ice moons of the outer solar system because of the tidal forces exerted by gas giants such as Jupiter.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken CANCELS next week's Beijing trip over spy balloon discovery: China insists it's only a weather-forecasting airship that 'blew off course'?

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has postponed a planned visit to China following the detection of a suspected spy balloon over the United States which Beijing has claimed is a civilian airship which blew off course. Blinken was expected to travel on Sunday for a visit which included a landmark meeting with President Xi Jinping. The trip was postponed on Friday morning after the balloon was detected earlier this week and monitored flying worryingly close to sensitive nuclear sites in Montana. The detection of the balloon triggered alarm in the White House and the Pentagon - and sparked calls for the US military to shoot it down. Beijing had urged calm while it established the 'facts' before a statement on Friday morning said the balloon was a meteorological research device that had 'deviated far from its planned course'.

Speaking on Thursday, William Burns said Xi's?ambitions toward Taiwan should not be underestimated, despite him likely being sobered by the performance of Russia's forces in Ukraine.

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders will sign a bill banning drag shows from areas accessible by minors in order to 'protect kids,' doing away with drag storytime performances.

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Sickening video shows cowering third grade girl, 9, being pummeled in the head by two boys on the school bus

The parents of the 9-year-old are now planning to press charges against her attackers after the sickening footage was posted online. None of her fellow students at the Coconut Palm K-8 Academy in Homestead, Florida, intervened in the attack. Instead, her peers filmed the merciless attack from the two boys and start cheering them on throughout the attack as they watched. The schoolgirl's parents have said they will demand criminal charges against the two boys who attacked their daughter. Her mother claims that her two older children have also been bullied during their short stint at the school, adding that school have done nothing to help since they joined on January 9.

TSA's No Fly List has been found on the dark web, a week after a Swiss hacker discovered it on an unsecured server. The latest leak could help terrorists bypass security at airports.

Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham twin in baggy jeans as they enjoy date night at E Baldi

Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham put the drama of the lawsuit regarding their wedding to one side as they enjoyed date night on Thursday.? The couple seemed at ease but failed to raise a smile as they left?E Baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills after a romantic dinner.? Leading the way, 23-year-old Brooklyn headed to the valet to pick up their car while Nicola, 28, strutted along behind him.?

Kelly Clarkson, pictured inset, has seen a restraining order placed upon her stalker violated a stunning twelve times, leading to the arrest of the individual named as Huguette Young.

Scientists from Penn State University have created a 'smart diaper' - a nappy with an inbuilt sensor that can send an alert to a phone when it gets wet.

'It invades your soul in a way no other film can': New 'experimental' horror movie Skinamarink leaves viewers 'PARALYZED with fear' and 'terrified of the dark' - as sinister flick is labeled 'the scariest film ever made'

The brand new experimental horror movie Skinamarink is making waves across the web - with some branding it as the 'scariest film ever made,' and others admitting that it left them terrified for days and reignited their fears of the dark. Created by new Canadian director Kyle Edward Ball, the movie follows two children, four-year-old Kevin and six-year-old Kaylee, who wake up in the middle of the night to discover that their parents are gone and that the windows and doors in their home have vanished. Over the course of the one-hour-40-minute horror flick, strange and terrifying things start to occur in the house - furniture disappears and reappears, toys move on their own, and the children even start to hear voices - leading to the kids, and the audience, unable to decipher what's real and what's not. Independent described the flick as a 'waking nightmare,' explaining that it creates an 'atmosphere of dread,' while Inverse hailed it as?the 'scariest movie of all time.' The movie - which has already grossed a whopping $1.5 million at the box office - was filmed in Ball's childhood home and cost only $15,000 to make.

Don Lemon allegedly 'screamed' at his CNN This Morning co-host Kaitlan Collins after he accused her?of interrupting him several times while on air last year.

Police rescued three from an eight foot deep by ten foot wide sinkhole that emerged in Long Island, New York, last Thursday. A woman and two men who tried to save her fell in and became trapped.

Why was Germany so reluctant to give tanks to Ukraine? After months of criticism, Olaf Scholz could finally be heeding Trump's warning to put an end to German weakness and overcome the specter of WW2, says CHRIS PLEASANCE in his video guide

After weeks of dithering and debate, Germany has finally agreed to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine in a pivotal moment for the war. But it took pressure from all of Kyiv's allies, threats from Poland to go it alone, and questions over Berlin's commitment to defeating Russia to persuade Chancellor Scholz. And it is hardly the first time this has happened. Even before the war started, Germany was accused of doing too little to help. Here, we examine what lies behind Germany's reluctance to hand over its weapons, and why that could finally be about to change. Watch the video here :

The bloc's leaders granted candidate status to Ukraine in June last year, following Russia's invasion in February.?But the path to full membership remains long, and could take years

The city has earned the moniker 'the Bakhmut meat grinder' due to the highly attritional warfare observed since the conflict escalated towards the end of last year (artillery fire in Bakhmut pictured)

George Santos' ex-wife?is seen outside New Jersey home amid scandal

With more and more allegations emerging almost daily against elected liar George Santos, one person from his former life - or several lives, rather - is doing her best to keep out of the spotlight.? DailyMail.com can reveal the GOP fabulist's ex-wife, Uadla Vieira Santos, is now living a comfortable suburban life in a densely populated New Jersey neighborhood, about an hour outside New York City, after the couple's split three years ago.? The Brazilian native, 29, appears to have moved on from her ex-husband, with exclusive DailyMail.com photos showing her wearing two rings on the wedding band finger of her left hand when she was spotted this week.??The mother-of-one takes her four-year-old daughter Beatriz to school each day by car and returns to the newly-built multi-home property she bought in June 2022 for $750,000.

ARE your memory lapses normal - or a worrying sign of dementia? Today, in an exclusive new series on The Mail+ , renowned neurologist Dr Richard Restak reveals when you should worry.

The theory is that nature knows best - nipples are an indication of what suits your skin tone and therefore leads to the most flattering natural makeup look.

The north braces for 'once in a generation' wind chill as cold front from Canada blows in

The National Weather Service warned of below zero temperatures in the Northeast and New England on Friday morning through Saturday (inset), where wind chills could dip as low as negative 50 degrees due to a cold front moving from Canada. The freezing weather is forecasted after snow and icy conditions left 10 dead in the South earlier this week, along with 460,000 people losing power and thousands of flights canceled, with 805 called off on Thursday alone. Texas bore the brunt of the ice storm, with at least seven dead and Austin covered in ice (left), while other states like Arkansas contended with dangerous road conditions that left highway areas blocked off (right).

Pole position: Red Bull become the first F1 team in history to launch a car in the US as fans (and Max Verstappen!) see brand new RB19 for the first time in New York

Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, Christian Horner, and a gaggle of athletes, press, and other celebrities were on hand as Oracle Red Bull racing revealed the livery of their challenger for the 2023 Formula One World Championship season.? The RB19 was launched at an event in New York City - the first F1 team to ever launch their car in the United States. The launch came hours after Red Bull team boss Christian Horner sat down with DailyMail.com?before the debut of the 2023 F1 challenger.

Actress Gillian Anderson appears to have rekindled her relationship with The Crown creator Peter Morgan. The pair, who dated for four years until 2020, were pictured hand-in-hand in central London.

Survivors of deadly fungal infection Valley fever  share their horror stories with DM.com

Nick Duggan, 45, is one of around 20,000 people who catch the illness - caused by fungi species Coccidioidomycosis - every year, which scientists warn is becoming more common as the climate warms. He is pictured left when the Valley fever paralyzed him from the neck down, and pictured right with his family when he was finally able to leave hospital in 2015.

British researchers led the trials of kisspeptin for people with a low sex drive which cannot be explained by physical or mental health problems, and who are unhappy with their low libido.

NEVER let cats near lilies - and don't let your pups in dog parks: Vet reveals pet owners' worst mistakes and shares top tips for ensuring your animals stay safe

What do lilies, pigs ears and Tylenol all have in common? They are all no-nos for pets according to Texas-based veterinarian Hunter Finn. Through a series of TikTok videos, the animal lover serves up some tips and tricks around how owners can keep their four-legged friends happy and healthy.

The Iowa Department of Inspection and Appeals said that the 66-year-old woman was declared dead at the Glen Oaks Alzheimer's Special Care Centre in Urbandale on January 3.

Female mass brawl breaks out at 30,000ft: Passengers pull hair, slap each other and even spill out of their clothes on Brazil flight

Video shows the women hitting one another and pulling each other's hair while the cabin crew tried in vain to break them apart in the chaotic scenes during a?Gol Airlines flight from Salvador to Sao Paulo on Thursday. The mass brawl between the 15 passengers became so frantic and aggressive that one of the women involved spilled out of her strapless top and was forced to cover her breasts with her hands. The flight attendants were caught in the middle of the brawl, with the women leaning over the bewildered crew members to slap each other.

Newlywed New Jersey councilwoman, 30, was seen 'speaking to a man' before she was shot

Dwumfour crashed her SUV with her slumped over the wheel, with horrified neighbors hearing multiple gunshots and then a crash. While reports initially suggested she'd been shot seven times, law enforcement sources told NBC New York that as many as 14 were fired. Some neighbors also told NBC New York that they'd seen Dwumfour speaking to a man outside her car on security footage just before the shooting.

'This isn't just about raising kids, it's about shaping our futures': Princess of Wales discusses the importance of mental health

In the short film, Kate and the Capital FM breakfast host discussed mental wellbeing, relationships and how by nurturing children in the earliest years of their life, society can build a nation of healthy, happy adults. As they took a walk together in the Hertfordshire countryside, Kate told the 30-year-old radio host: 'I know how passionate you are about mental health.' He then replied: 'I have got into this world in a way that no one really should do and I wish I wasn't associated with the word suicide.' Kemp, the son of Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp, has previously spoken candidly about his mental health struggles after the death of close friend, Capital FM producer Joe Lyons.

Kate, 41, sported a??795 L.K.Bennett jacket that she first wore in 2011 as she?discussed the importance of mental health with the Capital FM breakfast host to promote her early years project.

'Cart girls' lay bare the VERY seedy underbelly of exclusive country clubs: Female golf course workers reveal shocking behavior they face from men - from ripping up their $300 tips to drunken groping

Working in clubs across the US,?'cart girls' are young women who serve drinks to players while they are out on the course. The role typically pays minimum wage but many boast about the tips they can earn from guests. And yet, dozens have taken to social media to reveal the seedier side of the job including harassment, groping and lewd comments. Pictured: 'Cart girls' Ellie Dressler (left), Molly-Anne Seymour (right) and Cassie Holland (inset).

The FBI said 'anonymous sources' were providing 'false information to the media' after sources claim the surveillance team lost Idaho murders suspect Brian Kohberger in cross-country trip.

Nepo baby gets DENIED! The embarrassing moment Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon is refused entry to Marc Jacobs fashion show after arriving after doors had closed

Madonna's 'nepo baby' Lourdes Leon was turned away from Thursday's Marc Jacobs show in New York for arriving after doors closed. A TikTok video posted by the account @mickmicknyc showed Lourdes trying to enter the venue only to be stopped by security on her way up the stairs. Voiceover narration at the beginning of the clip claimed that Lourdes turned up at 6pm on the dot - the precise time the runway show was scheduled to start. The man she arrived with was seen speaking with the guards for over a minute but but he and Lourdes were repeatedly informed the event was 'closed.' While Lourdes tried to finagle her way into the show, some bystanders could be heard trying to tell the guards who she was. 'Let her in, she's the doll!' wailed one.

Fashion designer Paco Rabanne dies aged 88?

The eccentric icon, whose real name was Francisco Rabaneda y Cuervo, captured the fashion world in the 1960s with his futuristic looks, with his first collection made entirely of plastics. The designer nicknamed 'Wacko Paco', who claimed he has had multiple lives and was previously a Parisian prostitute in the times of Louis XV, murdered Tutankhamun and was 78,000 years old, retired in 1999 and had rarely been seen in public since.

'She's hard work': Just WHO was Tom Brady referring to in very angry phone call on day he announced his retirement - after collapse of his marriage to Gisele Bundchen

Mystery remains over who Tom Brady was speaking to during a furious phone call in which he is thought to have yelled 'stop calling me' on Wednesday. Just hours after announcing his retirement from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady was caught on camera lashing out at somebody over the phone appearing to say 'she's hard work,' and also 'this has gotta' stop.' Suspicions were aroused he could have been speaking about ex-wife Gisele Bundchen (inset), with whom he divorced in October after 13 years together. And the timing of the furious phone call suggests it could have had something to do with Brady's decision to retire, having done the same thing last year before sensationally 'unretiring' two months later. He announced the move in a seemingly serene video on Instagram on Wednesday.

The bizarre diet Tom Brady says helped him become NFL GOAT

Tom Brady retired earlier this week, ending his spectacular 23-year NFL career than saw him win seven Super Bowls and solidify himself as the greatest player of all time. He has attributed the success throughout his career to his TB12 method, where he avoids inflammatory foods, coffee and alcohol. He also claims that he does not need to use sunscreen because the high amounts of water he drinks every day is enough to keep him safe. But there is little science backing up many of his claims. On the other hand, he eats a relatively healthy diet packed full of nutrient rich fruits and vegetables. Brady also gets between seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

California woman is left horrified after homicide detectives called claiming they matched her 23andMe DNA test to a 1986 cold case murder - before revealing a dark family secret: 'I was so taken aback'?

Jacquleine 'Jackie' Vadurro, of Palm Springs, found herself 'living in my own Dateline episode' when San Diego detectives called her in January. They told her?that her DNA might match a woman who was fatally shot in the chest and ditched on the side of the road in 1986. Detectives were able to determine through her and her mother's 23andMe test results that she was related to Vadurro on her mother's side. Vadurro told DailyMail.com on Friday that there has been 'no real progress yet' and police have yet to identify the victim as they are still 'combing through my family tree.'

Armani Kelly, 28, Dante Wicker, 31 and Montoya Givens, 31, were discovered under debris at the vacant Northcourse Apartments in Highland Park on Thursday.

José Nava, the former director of Zoochilpan Zoo in Guerrero, Mexico, ordered four pygmy goats 'killed and cooked' for a holiday banquet at the facility in December.

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Kate Winslet's lookalike daughter?Mia Threapleton, 22, looks chic at BAFTA bash

She's the daughter of A-list actress Kate Winslet.? Yet Mia Threapleton looked every inch a star in her own right as she attended the 2023 Vanity Fair Rising Star BAFTA's pre-party at JOIA in London on Thursday. The 22-year-old actress, who was recently praised for her portrayal in Channel 4 drama I Am Ruth, was no doubt delighted to be surrounded by a sea of other talented stars on the evening.?

1923, the series that tells the origin story of Yellowstone's Dutton family, has been renewed for a second season at Paramount+. The show stars icons Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren.