Why was Germany so reluctant to give tanks to Ukraine? After months of criticism, Olaf Scholz could finally be heeding Trump's warning to put an end to German weakness and overcome the spectre of WW2, says CHRIS PLEASANCE in his video guide

After weeks of dithering and debate, Germany has finally agreed to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine in a pivotal moment for the war.

But it took pressure from all of Kyiv’s allies, threats from Poland to go it alone, and questions over Berlin’s commitment to defeating Russia to persuade Chancellor Scholz.

And it is hardly the first time this has happened.

Even before the war started, Germany was accused of doing too little to help.

Here, we examine what lies behind Germany’s reluctance to hand over its weapons, and why that could finally be about to change.

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Why was Germany so reluctant to give tanks to Ukraine?

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