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How NASA's spacesuits have changed through the years

They began as?tinfoil-like onesies that?first took humanity beyond the confines of Earth. But NASA spacesuits have evolved dramatically through the years to help astronauts survive in the vacuum of space and ultimately allow a?man to hop, skip and jump on the moon. Now, the US space agency has revealed its next generation of spacesuit - expected to be ready for the Artemis III mission that could land the first woman and first person of colour on the lunar surface by 2025. MailOnline looks at NASA's spacesuits, from the early days of Project Mercury and Gemini, to the Apollo gear Neil Armstrong wore on the lunar surface, and even the Space Shuttle ones.

How Jack and Rose could have both fit on the door: Mathematicians debunk famous film and

For most of us, when hooked on a gripping action sequence or in stitches at a comedy, the last thing we are thinking about is maths. But some just cannot enjoy a movie or TV show if they know that Keanu Reeves would not have dodged that bullet, or Kate Winslet could moved over to let Leonardo DiCaprio fit on the door. In fact, they go away and do the equations to show how Ross Geller could have got the sofa upstairs, or?Jack Traven's bus could not have jumped the gap in the freeway. Well, it turns out that Homer Simpson is not as dim-witted as he lets on, because he? discovered the mass of the Higgs Boson in an episode of 'The Simpsons'. MailOnline reveals seven times mathematicians have debunked iconic moments in cinema and TV history.

Durex surveyed 2,000 Brits on their sexual experiences, and just five per cent of women said they always orgasm during a sexual encounter, compared to 20 per cent of men.

Today is the Spring Equinox, which marks the start of 'astronomical' spring. At 15:33 GMT, the sun will pass directly above the equator, bringing equal amounts of day and night.

Hidden TikTok trick lets you scroll videos without using your HANDS

TikTok star 'Roxanna.Roxi' took to the platform to show her 1.1million followers how to look through their feed by just saying 'next' aloud. In a quick video, a robotic narrator says: 'Super cool TikTok trick you didn't know existed. Did you know you can scroll on TikTok without using your hands? Just say "next'." As part of her demonstration, Roxanna shows users how to access the feature from an iPhone's voice control options.

This week, space experts warned of an Olympic swimming pool-sized space rock which might hit Earth on Valentine's Day 2046, with swathes of the US at risk - but how many more are out there?

The stars of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' own 24K gold iPhone cases from Golden Concept. The company also makes the world's most expensive Apple Watch case, with 443 diamonds,

Archaeologists said the mosaic featured 'vibrant colours and intricate decorative patterns' made up of red, white and blue tiles'.

South Park's latest episode was co-written by ChatGPT: 'Deep Learning' ends with a script generated by OpenAI's chatbot

OpenAI's ChatGPT generated a speech presented by Stan, which is noticeable due to its robotic sound, in which the boy argues why people should not be blamed for using ChatGPT. The episode entitled 'Deep Learning' begins with the students at South Park Elementary discovering they can use ChatGPT to do their homework and school assignments for them. But Stan discovers he can use the AI to win back his girlfriend Wendy.

The Museum of Failures, located in Brooklyn, is now open to the public. Visitors can see failed innovations throughout history, including a Barbie doll that grows breasts and the Google Glass.

AI has proven it is more useful than just generating images and text, two new models are revolutionizing the medical industry with new cancer drugs and live expectancy predictions of patients.

Solving this puzzle in 12 seconds is hard, science explains why

A blooming brainteaser will leave you scratching your head. The tricky puzzle shows a sea of pink and purple flowers, along with a small hidden handbag. Designed by UK-based fashion retailer Quiz, challenges viewers to find the purse and do so in less than the 12-second record.

Students with teachers of the same ethnicity will thrive in the classroom. The study of more than 18,000 pupils across the US showed Black and Latin American children fared the best.

Americans are outraged after learning Thursday about 400,000 gallons of radioactive water had leaked from a Minnesota in November. The company said it was not a public threat.

Animals are committing horrendous crimes in the wild. Creatures eating their young, having sex with their dead and stabbing mates with a knife-like penis. And experts reveal the gory details.

Engineers want to build the world's largest spokeless FERRIS WHEEL in Seoul in 2025

South Korea is to construct the world's largest spokeless Ferris wheel offering stunning views of its capital. The futuristic Seoul Ring, which is to be built by 2025, breaks away from the traditional appearance of Ferris wheels with the help of 'innovative technology'. Its development will take place on a former landfill site in Haneul Park - chosen as a symbolic location by the?Seoul Metropolitan Government which claimed it was a?'gateway to Seoul'.


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Meet China's AI news anchor: Virtual young woman claims to have learned the skills of 'thousands' of presenters - but can only answer pre-set questions with propaganda-driven responses

Meet the newest broadcast journalist recruited by China's state-controlled newspaper, who is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Named 'Ren Xiaorong', the virtual young woman claims to be able to answer questions and deliver news broadcasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But there's a catch - the avatar is only able to answer pre-set questions, and the responses she gives heavily promote the?Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) line. The questions relate to the 'Two Sessions' political conference that ended on Monday, where delegates in the country discussed and approved legislation. Ren has been developed by the CCP's official news outlet, People's Daily, and says she has the skills of 'thousands of news anchors'.

NASA and Axiom unveiled the new Artemis III mission suit that is the first to be designed to specifically fit a woman. The gear provides improved mobility to help astronauts walk on the moon.

Scientists at the University of Huddersfield have revealed the perfect way to pour a pint of Guinness this St Patrick's Day, whether it's from draught, bottle or can.

Aliens could be hiding in special 'terminator zonnes' on distant planets where it is not too hot and not too cold, scientists from the University of California, Irvine, say.

Samsung's photos of the moon are 'FAKE': Tech giant admits it uses AI to 'enhance' snaps

Samsung users have been left furious after discovering that their smartphone's 'Space Zoom' camera tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to 'enhance' photos. A Reddit user called out the tech giant after they purposefully blurred a photo of the moon, and then took a picture of that photo with their Galaxy?S23 Ultra smartphone. The resulting image was much more detailed, showing craters and surface texture that were not visible in the original. User 'ibreakphotos' says that this proves Samsung's AI is 'doing most of the work' as 'the optics aren't capable of resolving the detail that you see'. The company has responded, admitting that it uses AI to recognise when the moon is in shot, but did not rule out the internet sleuth's accusation.

Your beloved pets could be to blame for more restless nights, leg jerks and even sleep disorders, researchers at Lincoln Memorial University in the US have claimed.

In his new book, Professor Simon L Dolan, a Professor?? at Advantere School of Management, set out to understand the characteristics of toxic leaders.

Thousand of people are now identifying as starseeds, claiming they are aliens from another planet brought to Earth for a specific mission - but experts reveal where this idea comes from.

It is the time of day new parents dread - the witching hour. Your newborn starts screaming at 5 pm and continues until at least 11pm. But experts provide tips on how to survive the night.

Flying cars could be in US skies in two YEARS: Aerospace company plans to launch $350,000 two-seater that hits speeds of 140mph

A Miami-based company revealed its 'flying roadster' could be on sale in just two years. The all-electric Doroni H1 seats two passengers, making it small enough to park inside a garage. The company recently performed the first untethered flight with its prototype, but the successful endeavor means a full-scale flying model will be ready in the next few months.

A boom in labs handling the deadliest pathogens on Earth in Asia and a rise of labs that could be doing risky experiments in urban centers are just two trends in disease research worrying top scientists.

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope spots a huge star on the brink of going SUPERNOVA

The star WR 124 is 15,000 light-years away in the constellation Sagittarius and was snapped in unprecedented detail by NASA's new $10 billion (?7.4 billion) super space telescope, James Webb. Massive stars race through their lifecycles, with only a few experiencing a brief Wolf-Rayet phase before going supernova. In fact, just one in a hundred million are classified a Wolf-Rayet - ferociously bright, hot stars doomed to imminent collapse in a supernova explosion leaving a black hole.

The restriction comes in response to concerns that users' sensitive data could be accessed by the authorities in Beijing from the firm's owner ByteDance, which has its headquarters in China.

Watch the moment a meteorite slammed into the MOON: Incredible footage shows a huge flash as a crater was formed

A huge flash of light was captured by a Japanese astronomer on February 23 in what has been described as a likely 'lunar impact flash'. Daichi Fuji, head of astronomy at the Hiratsuka City Museum, caught the split-second film just after 8.15pm (11.15 GMT) from his home in?Hiratsuka, Japan. He tweeted: 'I was able to catch the biggest lunar impact flash in my observation history!'

The prolific ransomware group LockBit called out billionaire Elon Musk earlier this week as it warned of auctioning off the 'certified' drawings in a significant data leak.

From suhoor, to iftar MailOnline looks at what health conditions might be impacted by Ramadan, whose exempt from fasting, and could skipping meals actually be healthy for you?

Venus is covered in more volcanos than any other planet in the solar system. And now scientists from University of Alaska Fairbanks have 'strong evidence' that some of these volcanos are active.

On March 28,?Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Mars and Venus are expected to come together in a small sky sector shortly after sunset for skywatchers in the UK and across the rest of the world.

Tokyo's cherry blossom season begins 10 DAYS earlier than usual thanks to unusually warm

Generally, the sakura season tends to begin at the end of March or beginning of April. But this year it has started 10 days earlier than usual - tied with a?record early start seen only twice before. Experts say the early start is the result of unusually warm weather, which is being fuelled by climate change.

The moment a mother holds her newborn is pure joy, but the first 60 minutes of skin-to-skin contact is vital for the health of both the mother and child. Experts reveal the science behind the 'golden hour.'

Meet the football playing robot that's 'better than Messi': Watch as the full-sized bot sprints, jumps and walks just like a real human

A football playing robot is to compete in an international tournament later this year - and experts from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) say 'she' is better than Lionel Messi. The 4ft 8in humanoid, named Artemis, can walk and jump, and is among the only three robots across the globe with the ability to run.

Researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder analysed soil samples from the?South Col on Mount Everest, and found?microbial DNA associated with humans.

Chinese scientists use stem cell technology to grow antlers on MICE

Scientists have managed to grow antler-like structures on the foreheads of mice by transplanting stem cells from deer. Deer antlers fall off and regrow each year - during the spring they'll increase in length at a rate of about an inch a day. In their new study, researchers from Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi'an, China, identified the cells responsible for this regrowth. Just 45 days after transplanting these cells onto the foreheads of hairless, laboratory mice, they began growing small stumps. The team hopes this procedure could one day be used to help repair bones or cartilage in humans - or even grow back lost limbs.

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Hundreds of dead seals were found on the beaches of Maine last year - and they all died from bird flu. The New England outbreak shows the virus can spread to mammals - and humans could be next.

Archaeologists excavate a Roman cellar at Leicester Cathedral (University of Leicester Archaeological Services/PA)

The cellar of a Roman building and a 1,800-year-old altar stone have been discovered during the excavation, led by University of Leicester Archaeological Services.

A new 'band-aid' features electrodes, an energy-harvesting coil and sensors that work to heal wounds 30 percent faster than traditional bandages by sending electrical signals to the injury.

Researchers from the University of California San Diego have tracked the so-called 'waggle dance' of bees to see how they learn the skill.

Researchers found that 53 percent of Americans failed to spot the difference between content produced by a human, an AI, or an AI edited by a human. Among people aged 18-24, just four in 10 did so.

We have all had a time in our lives where we have been desperate to read a WhatsApp message without alerting the sender you have actually seen it.

A video shows Tesla's Cybertruck and Semi going head-to-head in a drag race. The pair of futuristic vehicles revved their engines and accelerated to the finish line.

MailOnline takes a look at some of the Guinness World Records that have been set by our furry friends which will make you go bow-wow.

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, best known for presenting BBC's The Sky At Night, has been made a 'Barbie Role Model' in recognition of her achievements in making space and science accessible to girls.

The Hollywood actor was responding to scientists at the Bio Pilot Plant in Germany naming a newly-discovered type of lipopeptide?after him called 'Keanumycins'.

A full worm moon will peak at 7:40 am ET, beaming brightly until Wednesday morning. The nickname comes from comes from how the ground would thaw, allowing earthworms to appear.

As part of his first ever series about wildlife in the British Isles, Sir David appears on location on several shoots and gets up close to our nation's plants and animals.

A new study reveals the top 20 jobs at risk of being taken over by artificial intelligent. The list was created using an AI occupational exposure methodology created in 2021.

Research by the Yunnan Agricultural University in China suggests that the grapes used to make top European wines may actually be from Western Asia and the Caucasus.

A new study conducted by a team at the University of Sydney reveals the family?of influenza viruses that infect humans 'first emerged in aquatic animals that lived 600 million years ago.

The incredible display was visible across large parts of the country - including as far south as Berkshire and Wiltshire, where the aurora borealis danced in the sky over Donnington Castle and Stonehenge

Former transport secretary Grant Shapps pledged last year that the UK's aviation sector will be green by 2050 and said 'guilt-free flying is within our reach'.

Scientists from the University of Bristol say zebras' monochrome fur design may have evolved to deter pesky horseflies.

Known as 'forever chemicals' because?they do not naturally break down,?types of PFAS have been found in horses, dogs, Siberian tigers, pandas, sea lions and even oysters worldwide.

The unusual star grouping, known as CPD-29 2176, is located about 11,400 light-years from Earth and was first identified by the US space agency's Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory, launched to space in 2004.

If you want thick, fluffy pancakes, the trick is adding both an acid (such as lemon juice) and an alkali (bicarbonate of soda) to your batter, says Dr Simon Cotton at the University of Birmingham.

Researchers analysed data on the amount of people in Cardiff city centre at certain times during the day and assault-related attendances at a nearby hospital.

Too many Android handsets feel boringly similar these days.?The S23 Ultra (the spiritual grandchild of Samsung's discontinued Galaxy Note phones) definitely does not, writes Rob Waugh.

AI was asked to make cocktails based on the names 'Grandma's Revenge' and 'Burning Inferno.' And a TikToker shared the results of each drink - with one getting a 3 out of 10.

The fascinating picture is the latest?deep field image taken by the US space agency's new $10 billion (?7.4 billion) observatory, and was analysed by astronomers at the University of Pittsburgh.

According to Down Detector, a website which monitors such outages, reports of problems first began to surface at about 14:30 GMT (09:30 ET) with users in the UK and across the world.

Is AI coming closer to replacing human doctors? After AI ChatGPT was found to be capable of passing the US medical exam MailOnline tested the programme against a human GP.

Millions of items of cheap clothing are being dumped in Nairobi that are too dirty or damaged to be reused, creating serious health and environmental problems for vulnerable communities.

The jet, known as 'X-62A' or 'VISTA', performed manoeuvres without human intervention for a total of over 17 hours. It was developed by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Tests by the UK consumer group Which? showed that induction hobs use significantly less energy than slow cookers when it comes to certain tasks.

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